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What is FlyHodler?

FlyHodler is a modern view on cloud mining. Cryptocurrency is here to stay,
while mining already consumes up to 1% of all electricity in the world.
We want to explore ways to mine it responsibly. We want to prove that cloud mining can be transparent and clean.

Be fast

Only the best
computing equipment

Be in control

Withdraw every

Be sure

Video surveillance
in the mining area

Reviews of FlyMining at CryptoCompare

FlyMining is a parent project of Flyhodler

“I really liked this site. Payments are always stable, come instantly. You can also watch the broadcast from web cameras, which is very convenient. Thank you so much. Pleasure to cooperate!”

5/20/2019 9:27:49 AM

“Hello! Today I received my first payment and immediately decided to write my opinion. Not long ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a live broadcast, and were very surprised at how they manage to mine, after which he decided to connect himself to this system! By the way, relatively little electricity i...”

5/19/2019 7:46:48 PM

“The main advantage is the stability of payments. Payment is instant. There is not much to pay for electricity.
The main mining currencies are ether and biktoin.
Everything is clean and transparent!
Profit in minutes without any cheating.”

5/19/2019 8:47:27 AM

“Good cloud mining website. You can buy cheap contracts.
Here is a promo code : 4WHUHZ”

5/18/2019 6:05:04 PM

“Very good site that I liked it, cheap electricity,you can watch live broadcasts from Webcams, stable payments,I advise many to register on this site, you will not regret.”

5/18/2019 8:27:36 AM

“Very cool cloud mining service provider, as very cheap electricity. Mining and bitcoin and ether at the same time you can still watch live from Webcams. Also, one of the advantages is stable payments.”

5/18/2019 3:34:48 AM

FlyHodler is all the best of cloud mining in one place

Offers from cloud mining services differ!
We made sure that you do not have to compromise when you choose FlyHodler.
Compare us with others:

The industry-cheapest electricity

On October 1, 2018, we switched to a new electricity pricing plan and now our electricity costs $0.12/THs/day. And we do not charge you anything extra. This price is not just cheap - it is the cheapest electricity fee in the cloud mining industry!

The main profitability factor in mining is the price of electricity, everyone knows that. Does anyone have cheaper electricity than us? Definitely not, we triple-checked!

Real-time monitorings

Scam projects just draw some beautiful charts and let you believe that you are engaged in some real mining activity

FlyHodler has nothing to hide: we have publicly accessible webcams, you can use blockchain navigation software to check that your bitcoins are freshly mined. And of course, we also provide a lot of detailed info and charts!

You can keep ALL your bitcoins

Most cloud mining services deduct electricity fees from your mining payouts. With today's low bitcoin price, you will lose everything by the time bitcoin grows again.

We allow you to keep a separate balance in EUR/USD. We do not hold your bitcoins, you can withdraw them anytime as long as there is EUR/USD balance to pay for electricity.

Cloud mining contracts

Starts at 1 Th/s
SHA-256 algorithm miner


  • Open-ended contract
  • The cost of electricity and
    maintenance: $0.12/day per 1 TH/s
  • Withdrawals every day
  • Live webcams access 24x7
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Is FlyHodler legit?

FlyHodler is a 100% legit cloud mining!
For your confidence, we have installed webcams all around our mobile mining facilities.

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