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What is FlyHodler?

FlyHodler is the best we could come up in the cloud mining industry. The usual model is a long-term investment with unpredictable result,profit or loss. What about always being at a profit? That's what we think should always happen! With HODL contracts, you can withdraw ALL your initial investment, plus mining income!
It works as a bank deposit. You can top-up and withdraw your deposit, and your hashrate changes accordingly.

1.Sign up

2.Purchase a contract by putting your funds on hold

3.We do mining for you, and you get your mining income

4.You can cancel the contract without any penalties, withdraw all funds on hold at any moment and stop mining

Income minus fees is your daily profit

You get your first payout (mining profit) the next day after start

Mining/service fee is deducted from the mining income

DEPOSIT Cloud mining contracts

USD HOLDer contract

Open-ended contract
SHA-256 algorithm miner
The cost of electricity and maintenance:
$0.12/day per 1 TH/s
Estimated income: $0.124/day per 1 TH/s
Estimated pure profit: $0.002/day per 1 TH/s
Withdrawals every day
Management fee applies

Starts at 0.05 Th/s


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2 Th/s


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Custom plan



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How the World's first Bitcoin Deposit works
With USD Holder and BTC Hodler contracts, the Customer basically makes a bank deposit in USD or BTC. There is no fixed interest on deposit, instead the Customer gets hashrate that corresponds to the deposited amount
Flyhodler does Bitcoin Cloud Mining for the Customer. Net mining income is divided 50/50 between the Customer and FlyHodler. The Customer can withdraw all their own funds plus share of the generated profit at any moment
Advantages of the World's first Bitcoin Deposit:

Daily withdrawals with a very low fee of 0.00005 BTC

Customer can withdraw all own funds plus share of the generated profit at any moment

High profitability
(compared to conventional bank deposits)

FlyHodler investments comply with the rules and principles of Sharia

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Reviews of FlyMining at CryptoCompare

FlyMining is a parent project of Flyhodler

“Everything works perfectly. The company really pays. Good service.”

9/22/2019 9:29:54 AM

“Bought a contract for 5 years. Profit is accrued daily, withdrawal any time. I am satisfied. 5 stars.”

9/21/2019 5:28:27 PM

“Everything is fine for me. Good service, timely payments, technical support chat always answers. I will give 5 stars.”

9/20/2019 12:41:00 PM

“Flymining is real cloud mining service. They really pays to costumers. Technical support chat is always available for asking any questions. In my opinion they provide good service.”

9/19/2019 4:08:46 PM

“I have very low electricity costs, ether and bitcoin are mined. You can watch the video from the webcam. I receive payments steadily.”

8/13/2019 1:48:51 PM

“here everything suits me, especially stable payments and online broadcast”

8/13/2019 8:17:59 AM

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